What is LUSTY?
LUSTY is a NSFW fantasy comic about an adventurous elf named Lusty. She has a little friend called Swig, whose bottomless stomach doubles as their baggage. On their adventures, Lusty fights monsters, searches for lost treasure, meets strange people and creatures, and… inevitably gets into sexy situations.

Who makes LUSTY?
I do! My name is Dan Mapplethorpe, I’m an artist and writer living in Australia. I love fantasy, sci-fi, super heroes, and all sorts of weird fiction. I’ve been writing/drawing/colouring LUSTY for a few years now. I’m proud to be LGBTQ (Pansexual) and I write LUSTY from an LGBTQ-friendly perspective. My pronouns are he/him.

How can I support LUSTY?
LUSTY is currently free to read online. I rely on Patreon supporters, sales of art and prints, and commissions.
Here are the relevant links:

Where can I contact the creator of LUSTY?
Business inquiries go to Lustycomic (AT) gmail (DOT) com.
If you want to chat with me, and fellow fans, try Lustyverse, the official LUSTY Discord server.

What is LUSTY’s rating?
18+! Adults only! Not Safe For Work! X-rated!
There are explicit sex scenes, occasional violence, coarse language, and mature themes.
If you’re a kid, get out and go away. I don’t want you here until you’re 18.
For any kids who are still here despite me telling you to go away:
Real sex is not like porn sex. Please get your info about sex from health websites, your school’s sex education, or your parents. Not from porn.

Can I draw fan art of LUSTY?
I adore fan art, I keep everything I receive!
I just ask that you respect the gender identities and sexual preferences of the characters (please check the Characters page for some basic info), and I don’t give permission for anyone to make money off my work.