All business inquiries to

Important info

  • Multiple characters, complex costumes/tattoos, and complex environments will cost more.
  • Payment plans are available if you are unable to pay all at once.
  • All business done via PayPal.
  • Please contact me using the same email as your PayPal address, so I can send you an invoice, and keep records of our transaction(s).
  • Please have a reference ready for the character(s) you want me to draw. If you have more than one reference image, please name each image clearly so your instructions are easy to follow.
    If you need me to design the character from scratch, I can do it, but it will cost much more.
  • Please be upfront with all the important details of your commission idea in your first email. This will save a lot of time.
  • I am a professional, my time is precious, and I need to focus on paying clients. Please do not use my email to have conversations that serve no business purpose.

What I Will and Won’t Draw

  • I like drawing: girls, boys, enbies, monsters, tentacles, g/g, b/g, b/b, nb, trans, bdsm, fantasy, sci-fi, and environments.
  • I’m not keen on drawing: muscle boy x muscle boy pairings (but I love muscle boy x femboy pairings, or muscle boy x soft boy pairings), impossibly hyper body parts (ask me how big I’ll go!).
  • I definitely won’t draw: Illegal content, extreme content, revolting content, nsfw art involving real people/celebrities.
  • Please check my comic and illustrations for examples of what I usually like to draw! I will be more likely to accept your commission if it is similar.

Full Colour Illustration starting price – $360 USD

Sketch starting price – $120 USD

Sketch with simple colours starting price – $240 USD

Full Colour Illustration Examples

Sketch Examples/ Sketch with Simple Colours Examples